New Korean Drama HERO + No Innovation

One thing about working with executives and some of the more elite individuals in South Korea is you gain a better idea of just what Koreans are thinking and why they behave (slightly) different from their American counterparts. A lot of my students have the exact complaint that I do, that Korea has no innovation.

While you could also argue the opposite, most of my students believe this idea due to the fact that you still work under someone with more seniority and that the major companies  still practice the idea that the boss is always right. With that in mind,  you do not question the boss or offer alternative suggestions. Times they are a changing, but at a snails pacing.

There is a new drama set to hit the Korean airwaves soon, OCN which is a channel I do tend to watch more often than the others, has unveiled their new show HERO. Apparently it is South Korea in the future, a dystopian future. The government is corrupt (some could argue that has already occurred), and the police take no action to solve crimes or stop them (that too could be argued that it has already occurred). So, in steps South Korea’s superhero crime fighter. Think Korean Batman. Which is must be what they are going for. After all Korea has no innovation. The picture below has him in Bruce Wayne’s “Batcave” from Dark Knight.

Korea's New Drama Hero

I am all for new shows, but the photo above goes to prove my point regarding South Korea’s lack of innovation. Korea wants a superhero show and we show Dark Knight once a month so, let’s steal the set to promote our newest show. The commercial doesn’t do a very good job of telling you much of anything either.

Doesn’t tell you much, the other commercial is also vague.

The other thing that has gotten my goat recently is LTE a.k.a. 4G network for phones is running a series of commercials featuring Darth Vader (of Star Wars fame). That’s cool, except that his buzz word is WARP which has nothing to do with Star Wars. But no one in Korea has any idea who Spock, Bones, or Captain Kirk is (the former Priceline guy and TJ Hooker). So, Lord Vader is their go-to-guy. The ads are also not very innovative. I tried to post them but sadly could not. To sum it up, not innovative, funny (to a degree) but not innovative and truth be told, inaccurate.

Darth Vader LTE Campaign

Star Wars Typeface Used in KT Commercial

Well, it has been a while since I have updated this site and it is mainly because I have been so busy and the new job has some odd hours. Not that anyone actually reads this blog but I had planned to post often and that just hasn’t been the case. I am even more behind with my book reviews on my other site, but such is life. I hope to improve in the near future.


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