I visit a few forums and a lot of times there is a debate, what is better an actual book or a eReader? I live in South Korea and while I like my house situation, it is much smaller than I am used to when I lived in the United States. I no longer own a car and so when my girlfriend suggested I buy a bookcase in an attempt to tame my ever-growing book collection I jumped at the chance to use her car and head over and pick one out. The problem is even though I bought the biggest bookcase Homeplus had to offer, it was not large enough. So, I had to head back and buy another book-case to ensure that everything I had was contained in one area. Since I made my home decor purchases I have had a goal: read all of my physical books by the end of the year. I already have the goal of reading 100 books for the year 2011 (at time of this post I have read 13 books for the year) so, why not start with what is on my shelf? Also, when it is an option I will purchase the eBook over the physical book as a new year’s resolution. This is so that my tiny living space has more room and I can reduce clutter, which makes my girlfriend happier. The bad side to this resolution is once I have finished a novel I donate it to my school’s library so there will no longer be any donations once I have read everything that I have.

It was then when my friend sent me the following jpeg:

I am told is from Amazon.com With that in mind I am still going after my goal, even though I have bought a few physical books since my goal came to fruition. However, it just comes down to personal preference. When all is said and done it is just a matter of convenience, I ride the subway and bus nearly every day, the Amazon Kindle is a light alternative to the physical book. The problem is that the majority of books remaining on my shelf are huge. Omnibuses? Omnibii? And large tomes like Peter F. Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn Trilogy where they each come at a very impressive 1,000+ pages for each installment. I have been purchasing a lot of the books currently on my shelves and converting them to eBooks when the opportunity presents itself so, that may be an option once I get to the specific book I want to read. I know that I am years away from going completely away from purchasing physical books, but I am doing my best. Regardless of which format you choose to read, it is a simply impressive that you read. I am curious as to what you prefer and why you have either held on to the belief that physical books are the only way to go? Or you have switched to the digital format and feel that physical books are no longer the way to read a novel? Let me know. Or perhaps you are where I am currently heading and think that perhaps there is a no real winner. After all the does not have to be a winner for everything.


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