End of the School Year

It is hard to believe but the end of the school year is nearly upon us. Since this is my second year teaching abroad I have attempted (although it is half-assed at best) to save a little money. So, instead of heading to somewhere sunny and different I have elected/decided to just stay close to home.

My on again/off again girlfriend has planned out a trip on the KTX down to Busan for a few days. She has to work through most of the vacation days so what little time she has to get away from work will be with me. I, on the other hand will only work one week in January. The second week of the year I will return to work to teach my winter English camp and then head back on vacation. Right now my plans for vacation involve reading, playing X-Box 360, and sleeping in. Not exactly what I really want to do but it should keep me out of trouble and with any luck, keeping my money in my pocket.

I will let you know how it goes.


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