Eating Eel

In an attempt to broaden my horizons and appease my on again/off again girlfriend (long story), I decided to try eel. It is one of her favorite foods and I have to admit rather tasty.


Last night my girlfriend came over and we planned to go to dinner. We had a hard time deciding what it is that we were going to go out and eat so I gave her the keys and said make a decision. She knows that I have offered to eat eel and so, with that in the back of her mind, we headed off for some seafood.

We headed out to Suji where there is a somewhat famous eel restaurant and sat down to dinner. The food was relatively inexpensive. for one is is 18,000 won, or roughly 15-16 dollars. We had two different types of eel, salted and another with a sauce on it. I preferred the salted eel. The marinated/sauced eel had a fake BBQ flavor which wasn’t bad I just did not like it as much.

Eel marinated and salted

Eel is consider a manly food in Korea. it is said that it gives your manhood extra strength and the rest of your body vitality. Korean women are not suppose to eat the very end of the eel as that is where the eel’s major muscles are and if you are looking for vitality a man should eat the tail. Needless to say I ate the tail. While I don’t have any issues with my manhood, who am I to argue with a Korean tradition.

In the end, eel tastes like any white fish. Maybe it is a little more fishy tasting, but overall it was very good and I would go again if she wanted me too. I recommend giving it a try.


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2 Responses to Eating Eel

  1. cid says:

    before i try eating eel -can anyone please tell me if it’s bony? do they de-bone it before serving(at Korean restaurants) or you could just eat everything -bone and all?…

    • Ty says:

      My eel was deboned and according to their belief/mythology, the tail is for men as it is said to help them perform in the bedroom.

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