North Korea’s Shelling of Yeongpyeong Island

Yesterday South Korea was attacked without provocation as North Korea fired approximately 200 artillery shells onto the disputed island of Yeongpyeong in the West Sea. According to some sources it is the worst attack since 1953 when the offensive operations ceased and the Korean War entered a time of relative peace.


Shelling of Yeongpyeong Island


I have no idea why the North has continued to escalate things in the region. This last summer the North torpedoed a naval vessel killing 46 young South Korean sailors. This time they have destroyed countless homes and property in a show of force for no other reason than to show that they can.


N & S Korea


South Korea retaliated by targeting the North’s coastal missile bases. I have no idea where this is leading and where it will end but it does show great restraint on South Korea’s part. Had the same thing occurred in the USA from Canada there might not have been parts of Canada left. This is the problem with South Korea, they talk a big game and have some of the best military hardware in Asia and yet they didn’t do much to make the North rethink their actions. Of course, now South Korea has a big chip in the game that they can use for a later date. But if you want to stop the North from doing this again or something far worse, a show of force would have been preferred.


South Korean K-9 Artillery


I have my personal theories as to why this occurred. The first is a show of force now that the North has a newly created uranium facility they want to flex some muscle. The other is also a show of force, but mainly to build up Kim Jong-un’s status in the military and the country’s people. Either reason (or perhaps another) was unnecessary.


Yeongpyeong Island Map


Talking with people and my co-workers, they are mad and for good reason. A young man once again lost his life in the service of his country and many others were injured. I think that South Korea should have punched back and then kicked a few times to make the North think twice about their actions in the future. The South Koreans have decided to have the United Nations deal with the latest aggression towards them and while it is a step in the right direction, I doubt it will see any advancement in relations or gain any leeway other than the fact that it makes the country look mature. What sanctions could you put forth against the North Koreans that they don’t already have or know how to circumvent? The world is begging for economic recovery so, there are nations that will continue provide them with contraband and ignore the UN resolutions.


High Alert

As an American living here in South Korea, I am not worried. We unfortunately see this all too often. I simply sent my parents an email notifying them that I am fine and so far not in any danger. I do keep an emergency bag ready to go in the event I need to be evacuated in a hurry. Tonight I will be going through it and adjusting the contents to fit the current weather conditions. I have no idea what is going to happen between these two nations but I do know that South Korea wants to avoid a war at all costs and I can only assume that North Korea’s handlers, China, want to avoid a war as well as they are raking in the dough hand over fist. The United States certainly wants to avoid a third conflict, as does Japan all of which would more than likely be dragged into the altercation to bring about some form of stability to the region. This could also spill over into other nations as well.



Kim Jong-il and successor Kim Jong-un




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