K-Pop Sensation?

There are a lot of K-pop artists that I like. But a  recent slew of female groups has come to the forefront and I have to say they are not that spectacular. They all have nice bodies, faces, and hair. But sometimes that only gets you in the front door. You need much more than that to get me to actually like your music.

When Secret came out I could not get over their first song ‘Magic.’ Mainly due to the fact they can’t say the word properly but when you did a little deeper (not much deeper) you find that the  song is very simple.

This week they released their second single called ‘Madonna’ and if it is not the same. Same beat and tempo I need my hearing checked as even my girlfriend believes that it is the same song with a few new lyrics thrown in to sell a few more albums.


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Living in Korea and traveling the world.
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