World Cup in Korea

As a Yank World Cup is rather new to me. I enjoy soccer, I always have as my cousin was on the 1984 US team and currently works for Nike’s soccer department in Brazil. However, living in the USA it is not that high on American’s priority list of things to do or watch. Soccer is slowly gaining in popularity back in the states.

This year is World Cup and roughly once a week it is like the Superbowl. People gather around the nearest watering hole and it is nearly impossible to get take out without needing something else to eat just to wait for it to arrive as it takes hours for it to get to your house.

The atmosphere in South Korea is electric as everyone about town is dressed in red in support of the national team. Even I have a red jersey hanging in my closet ready to don on the days they take the pitch.

While back home no one is talking about the most popular game in the world. It is disappointing as the feeling that you have here is amazing. After Korea won the first game in their round there was dancing in the streets. The young and old partaking in the feeling of elation and they proved to the world that they can hang with other nations and they just might have a chance of making it further than everyone had expected.

Nearly every other commercial on Korean television has some sort of relation to the Korean national team. On top of that, in the aftermath of a crisis at sea with the sinking of a Republic of Korea naval vessel that has been connected to North Korea. Yet when the North Koreans took to the field no one cheered louder than the South Koreans. Many have stated that they hope their northern neighbors do well in the competition. I too am interested to see how well they do as they haven’t been seen in 44 years.

As much as I enjoy the Superbowl it is a far cry from the spectacular spectacle that is the World Cup, the feeling and atmosphere is impressive.


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