Picking your nose

Lately, I have noticed that a lot of people here in South Korea like to pick their noses in public. Not sure if this is considered a social taboo but I would think it would be.

Last week a very well dressed man was standing next to me with his index finger up his nose nearly up to the second knuckle. I watched as we waited for the light to change so that we could cross the street and he kept plugging away trying to get whatever treasure was buried up there. The funny thing was he did not really bother to flick his findings away but then went digging  into his jacket and pants pocket.

I am not really accustomed to this public behavior so I slowly edged away from him. It was not the first time I have seen this but it seems to be very common as of late. Not a day later but I observed a very cute girl (when her finger was not deep up her honker) drive by picking her nose.  Since this phenomenon seems to be more and more common the last few days I have to assume that this is not a big deal in Korean society.


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