Not much is going on as of late in the Land of the Sunday Morning Fruit Sale. While it is late April I can’t help but feel that Winter is Coming and that I should be looking for the Starks and their direwolves.  The cherry blossoms are blooming but no one really feels like going outside to see them as the weather is awful here. Its cold on some days, raining on others, and when it isn’t one of those conditions it is both. It is hard to want to get out and do anything because Spring has yet to truly arrive.

Last Weekend was a great time. On Saturday my girlfriend and I decided to take advantage of the one sunny day out and walked over to Juk Jeong the next city and let her go wild on a clothes shopping spree. I am a bit under the weather so as long as she shopped somewhere where I could sit down while she tried various outfits on I was just fine.

Later when the sun started to go down we went to see the movie Kick Ass. With all the hype, I expected more but in the end it was a mediocre movie with only a few moments of laughs. While it is okay it did get me into the mood for Iron-man 2. It comes out this Thursday and I plan to be there to catch all the action.


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