Korean Parking

Parking in Korea is an art form and by art I mean modern art where you can’t tell what they devil anything is. Just like modern art Korea has a few issues regarding parking.

I love my girlfriend but every time we take a drive I feel the need for prescription medication. It really is not her driving skills that I am calling into question, it is everyone else’s. They scare the piss out of me. As a person with more than 20 years of driving under my belt thanks to my dad buying me go carts and other motorized toys. Plus the fact that my dad was a car dealer and I have nearly driven everything under the sun, I feel that I can safely park or drive just about anything.

Korea has a lot of parking but very small spaces so, on some occasions I am called in to park my girlfriends car. She has only recently entered the fray of driving and she does pretty well. Although she has some issues parking head on where she can do fairly well backing up the Hyundai. I still will take the wheel when the space is tight or she freaks out because we are parking next to something worth twice our annual incomes. It is times like these when I tend to give her a hard time. That changed over the weekend when we were parking her car in my apartment’s underground parking. As we got out of her car we noticed that two cars decided to park next to one another and that both drivers had to have been pounding the soju rather heavily as they angle parked both of the cars and managed to park half-way in the spaces and half-way out of them. Not sure how it was accomplished and truth be told the cellphone’s camera does not give it justice but it made us laugh all the way up the elevator to my flat. Half of the two cars are not even in the spaces. They were like that for over 36 hours.

Parking the Korean way


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