El Nino

The last couple of days have been sunny and to a certain extend warm. It looked like Spring was finally upon the peninsula and that I could start considering breaking out the lighter jacket and put away the sweaters. It is a good thing that I had not done any of those foolish things.

Last night I had to call the girlfriend and let her know to be careful driving home as Korea was hit with a massive blast of snow. Starting around 6pm South Korea began to be covered in snow. By snow I am not talking about a light dusting of eburnean flakes but a downpour of  pearl essence. As much as I really want things to warm up so that I can get back outside and enjoy the views that Korea has to offer, I have to admit that Korea is gorgeous when it is covered in snow. Everything seems to be pure yet austere.

Korean Temple in Winter

On the ride to work I had to pull out my camera and snap a few shots of the ride as it was completely covered in snow. The principal and I had a good time talking about the weather and he even stopped along the highway (something I do not recommend) so that I could get a few shots of the peninsula’s landscape and all its beauty.

Apparently all of this strange and extremely white weather is due to El Nino. It seems like all strange weather is blamed on this phenomenon and it is rather strange as I was under the impression that it only happened around every seven years and not every year. But the Principal said that was why we were cautiously driving the highway at s breakneck speeds ranging up to 2 kph. I am disappointed in El Nino as I am really looking forward to Spring and seeing Asia’s Cherry Blossom season. I guess it will take a little while longer before I get to see the event.

There a very few things that in South Korea that I can really complain about as I have enjoyed my time here. While there are a lot of things that make me shake my head in wonderment and surprise the only real thing that I can complain about are potato chips and the weather. Beyond that this is a truly wonderful country. I am sure that I will have something ‘witty’ to say later but as of right now regardless of the cold it has been a wonderful time in this country.

A young lad in need of a jacket


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