New School Year

This last Tuesday was the beginning of our new school year.  Unfortunately my co-teacher from last year has moved on. I had a lot of fun with her last year. However, this year instead of one co-teacher, I now have three new teachers. The school is growing as we have a large influx of new students. My work load is still relatively light as far as teaching goes but, it has significantly increased.

My new co-teachers seem like great people and I hope that my intuition is correct. I have a male co-teacher which I knew they existed but was not expecting to get one I also have two female teachers with great English skills.

On our first day of school not much really occurred, I did not teach much about a grand total of one hour. We had an opening ceremony where we welcomed the new students to the school. It was a very interesting ceremony as the students first bowed to the principal and vice-principal, then they bowed to one another,and finally the  parents that had come to see the ceremony.  No one bothered to tell me that I would also be required to come up to the stage and be introduced and what the protocol was. Luckily, a few teachers came up and were introduced before I was so I simply followed suit and came up and bowed to everyone.

The incoming students did not have classes until after lunch so, I have not met all of my students and will not meet them until next week. Well, this week so far has been pretty easy and tonight we go to a work dinner to welcome in the new teachers and to drink massive quantities of soju and maekju. Tomorrow should be a rough work day. I just hope the girlfriend is not mad at me when I get back from dinner as the principal will more than likely force a few shots on me during dinner.

Mmmmm Lee Hyori and Soju


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