Graduation and Snow

Today marks the first day of work without any kids. As of yesterday the kids have gone home and the 3rd graders (AKA 9th graders) have moved on to high school.

Since my school is brand spanking new it was our first graduation ceremony and all things considering the event went without a hitch. I found it very entertaining considering I only knew less than a tenth of what was said. I will say that there was a ton of bowing as rewards were given out and students are then presented their graduation to auld lange syne which is a bit weird for me because it is used for New Year’s and not for graduation so it was weird hearing it at this event.

My co-teacher has received her assignment and I am sad to see her go as she will be moving to Ansan which is over an hour away on the Yellow Sea. I really like my co-teacher and can only hope that I get someone half as good as she is. I should know in about two weeks. I am sad to see my co-teacher go and scared that my new co-teacher will be someone I butt heads with. I just pray that is not the case.

As for the weather, just when I figured it was starting to warm up I find nearly a half an inch of snow on the ground and a virtual blizzard in the air. On the way to work what should have been an easy ten minutes turned out to be over forty minutes as there were accidents a plenty on the road. The good news is I was not a part of any of the collisions. Did not even come close. Everyone at work is concerned for my well-being this weekend as I head to Busan and then on to Jeju for a tour. I am not scared in the least. Its a bus the worst that can happen is that we flatten a car. Or I suppose fall down a ravine but, the odds of that are highly unlikely.

My co-teacher is heading that way as well to see her family for Solnal or Lunar New Years. It is a time when you honor your ancestors and gather with family. Similar to Memorial day but with a lot more food. I doubt she has anything to worry about. I know my biggest concern is to finish a book before I leave so I do not have to pack a second book for the trip. Well, stay beautiful.


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2 Responses to Graduation and Snow

  1. Matt Powers says:

    It’s graduation day for me too! It’s total chaos at my school. Luckily it’s all over after today.

  2. Tyson says:

    Mine was yesterday now it is just desk warming.

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