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In all honesty not much is going on here in Korea but, I feel the need to update my family and the unfortunate people who stumble upon this awful blog.

Earlier this month it looked as if things were warming up here in S. Korea, we skyrocketed to temperatures around 0 and 1 degree. That warm snap (you can have a cold snap why not a warm snap?); However, that has come to a screeching halt and we have once again plunged to sub-zero temperatures. The school continues to only heat a select few of rooms. My classroom is on the intermittent setting so some days we get heat and others we don’t. Thankfully I believe in layering and my insulated Croc shoes.

Around the world Haiti experienced a massive Earthquake last week and rescue efforts are still underway. France, Cuba and a few other worthless countries have condemned the United States for sending the military in to help. I am not sure who else we would have sent, perhaps the Cub Scouts and Brownies could have organized recovery efforts but, what do I know? The way I see it is that the US is attempting to help through humanitarian reasons and nothing more than showing that the US cares and wants to have a little bit of positive news coverage along the way. Nothing wrong with that. France and other countries are suggesting that we want to take over the country. I realise that France is a worthless county that surrenders at the drop of a dime but, what exactly is America after from that country that has had a devastating natural disaster? What highly valuable asset does Haiti have an abundance of that America does not? Last time I checked their were a third world nation with massive poverty and an explosion of uncontrollable HIV and AIDs running rampant throughout the country. France and the other complainers need to shut the hell up and lend a hand on recovery efforts or sit in the corner and be quite until we need a croissant or a place to put our overstock of soap.

Speaking of AIDs, President Obama has rescinded the ban on people entering the United States with HIV/AIDs. Not really sure that is the best idea. The law has been in the books for 22 years and in my opinion was a good idea as it puts some sort of safeguards in place for the general public. South Korea has a similar law in the books. Don’t get your bleeding liberal heart all twisted. The reason I like the statute is because Americans are not always the brightest when it comes to making sound decisions. See Jerry Springer or “Dr.” Phil for further information and examples of Americans making great decisions.


Speaking of dumb Americans, Pat Robertson has blamed Haiti’s troubles on a pact with Satan. While he does blame the French (who doesn’t), the rest of his asinine diatribe is completely insane. How anyone can continue to give money and follow this asshat is beyond me. But then again, Americans are not always the brightest people on the planet. In short Robertson believes that the Haitians made a deal with the devil to force the French out of their country. This pact with Lucifer is where Voodoo comes from. Since the Haitians dealt with the devil, god then cursed the people of Haiti. Right, that’s is believable.


As if Robertson’s flunkies were not dumb enough, a church group (or as the article portrays them a “faith group”) in the US has sent solar-powered bibles that read in Creole. Because every starving person in Haiti wants to hear Jesus proclaim that he turned water into wine and barbecued up some critters after finishing up some grits. Here is an idea stop trying to convert people and send them things that they will actually need. I am not asking you to send caviar but, water and rations would not be to complicated to send. The very least you could do is send actual paper bibles so that it can be used for fire starter or toilet paper. What a bunch of morons.


Well, that is all I have to rant about at this time. I do not take these things personally but I do wish people would think for themselves and stop listening to the morons in charge. I leave you with this:


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