Korean Pringles

I guess I am not done ranting. There are a lot of potato chips in Korea and most of them taste awful. Take Korean Cheetos for instance. Not sure how you can screw up a puffed crunchy processed cheese snack but they have. I don’t know exactly how do describe this hardly edible concoction other than to say it is a cross between, ground shrimp, sewage, unwashed feet, moldy cheese, and fish parts. In other words, it is nothing like what I am used to back home and I have to tell you I am considering suing based on false advertising. God awful does not even begin to describe the sensation I experienced when I tried them.

Cheetos of South Korea

In fact, there are very few Korean chips that I would consider edible by my standards and I was build on potato chips and other less nutritional foods. One of the only chips that I can eat other than generic tortilla chips is Pringles. When in lived in the states Pringles were not a preferred potato chip, in fact, I hated them. However, here in the land of the morning vegetable announcement I have come to eat them weekly. When if visited the grocery store (Homeplus or Homeprus) I was shocked to find a new package of smoky bbq. I say new packaging because there are a few things different. For one the cylinder is slimmer and shorter and the color of the cylinder is a different shade. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except when I opened the can up I noticed that I am paying the same price for less chips and not only less chips but smaller chips. That and the taste is nowhere near what it was before they changed the can. In short, I am pissed off. There are no choices of western chips in Korea unless I want to travel 45 minutes in one direction to get them.

The slimmer less desirable Smoky BBQ by Pringles

I don’t know what the makers of Pringles were thinking but it obviously was something like this: “How can we make smaller chips and have the taste much more bland and unappetizing?”

Anyway, if someone at Pringles Korea can bring back the old BBQ chips I would greatly appreciate it.


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2 Responses to Korean Pringles

  1. Katelyn says:

    Ahh, I find this article to be amazing. I am currently packing up a box of random things to send to my friend in Korea, and pringles are one of the things I am including. I’m hoping she’ll like the American ones better. I have never been to Korea (even though I have the absolute desire to) but I know that their food is a lot different. I was sent a Crunky chocolate bar by my friend who lives there, and It tasted really different. Kind of like chocolate covered popcorn. All in all, food is different all over the world. Thanks for posting!

  2. I am surprised by your reaction to Pringles in South Korea. First of all you are not looking at this from a marketing prespective, which Pringles is. There are less than 1.5M foreigners in Korea (a large portion from Asia) out of a a total population of around 48M. This product has obviously been modified for the local market and the tastes of these people (small and less salt). Have you not heard about companies like Wallmart or Ikea trying to enter foreign markets and completely failing because they didnt change their product. For a multinational company it is a necessity to survive.

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