Crocs Update


My insulated Crocs arrived today. Could not have come at a better time. It is supposed to be -17 degrees today. As someone who has never purchased Crocs before, I was surprised that it came with a distinct warning that I never thought I would have to see. It explained how to avoid injury when riding escalators and moving walkways. As a person who had to order a size 12 shoe I would assume that they would know I am an adult. That obviously isn’t the case . I thought I would pass on these very important safety measures in the event you are a complete moron:

1. Stand in the middle of the step facing forward.

2. Do not contact any surface next to the moving tread or stop.

3. Step carefully when getting on or off.

4. Hold your children’s hand and supervise children at all times.

Now you too can avoid serious injury on an escalator or moving walkway.


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