Korea in December (or breaking all logic and buying Crocs)

It is nearly the end of the year and I am not afraid to admit that it was damn cold here. As it is my first year in the Land of the Morning Construction Job, I was not really prepared to be this cold all the time. While my apartu  (apartment) is relatively warm thanks to some new weather-stripping and a cheap space heater the minute I step outside I am reminded that I am no longer in Tacoma.

The other odd thing that I have found is that the school is heated but only in certain sections of the school. For instance , the teacher’s room, the staff bathroom, and the majority of classrooms. If you venture out into say, the hallways, you are on your own. The hallways and various other not essential rooms are not heated and the school has no plans to change that. Just yesterday as my co-teacher and I froze on our way back from the English lab, we noticed that someone had opened up to of the windows in the hallway. Why? could not tell you for the life of me but someone felt that the hallways were not cold enough and opened up the windows to allow the outside air that was a balmy -6 degrees into the school. Knowing that I had to return to the lab in fifty-five minutes, I closed both windows.

Due to the fact that I have to risk life and limb to reach my classroom on a daily basis, I have broken a cardinal rule that I said I would never violate. I broke down and ordered a pair of insulated Crocs. It pains me to say this to the point were I am currently bowing my head in shame and I am fully prepared and willing to accept the ridicule from friends, family, and strangers. But, when I return from the hallway and find that I can not feel my toes I felt the need to take bold action. That action is in the form of molded plastic and their patented “Lumberjack Liner.” Before you pass judgement (and I know you will) just recall that I am wearing Nike socks and Adidas flip-flops not regular shoes as I am following the customs of the male teachers in the school. Shoes are placed in cupboards as we enter the school so that they may freeze during the work day as the large doors are to remain open regardless of arctic conditions outside. Only to numb your feet at the end of the work day as you face the sub-Arctic conditions while waiting to face several near-death stops performed by the civil servant who is your highly qualified bus driver.

I know I am lame and should be put to death immediately for my purchase

With that said yesterday my buddy Kim informed me that during the night we were to receive the worst snow fall in over a decade. That didn’t happen but this morning we did receive a fair amount of snow which unfortunately once the sun broached the sky came to a sudden halt. I have no problem with snow. If fact, while I am on the sunny beaches of the Philippines this next week it is supposed to snow several times. I love the snow and feel that if it is going to be male appendage shrinking cold it should be required to snow but, we have not seen much of it. I hope that the snow fall starts back up later today as I find it relaxing and soothing.

This will more than likely be my last post before I head out to vacation and won’t post anything until my return. Stay warm and have a great New Year’s.


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