You Know You Are In Korea….

1. When “he” can mean “she” in the same sentence.

2. When you get a 50’s culture mixed with high technology.

3. When if you eat alone you are considered weird.

4. When you can pay up to three times the price for technology made in Korea, compared to the USA.

5. When the focus is on recycling and saving energy, and you get five paper bags to carry out a full meal deal at a fast food restaurant.

6. When “you are fat” is said to you but not the bigger Korean sitting next to you.

7. When you pay five dollars  for a cup of coffee and you can only smell it.

8. When it is cheaper to phone with the cell the home phone.

9. When you have a balcony on both sides of your apartment.

10. When you have a traffic jam because someone wants to buy some bananas from the sales person walking down the center line.

11. When you have to avoid both cars and motorcycles on the sidewalk made for pedestrians.

12. When you hear “soonday” and think it is Sunday and say, “yes I like it.”

13. When you can not buy an ice cream for a friend without offending all of your friends.

14. When you plan a date and end up with three chaperones and you thought you had grown out of that stage.

15. When the City Tourism Manager brags about his city’s toilets and offers you a tour of them.

16. When the restaurant floor is so clean you can eat off but you have hair in your soup.

17. When you never worry about fresh fish because of the tanks at the front door of the restaurant.

18. when you carry your own toilet paper to the bathroom because there is not any there for public use.

19. When you wake up tot he produce truck blaring his prices over his cassette at 7AM on Saturday.

20. When you stop at red lights only if there is something to stop for and then wait for the opposite light to turn green.

21. When high school students go to private schools to avoid the boredom of public schools.

22. When the best way to make a right turn is often from the left hand lane.

23. When there are more people waiting to serve you in the store than customers.

24. When it takes four policemen to give a parking ticket.

25. When there are equal levels of parking underground as levels above ground.

26. when the red light district is truly a red light district.

27. When you can order coffee and eat it too. (Tabang coffee0)

28. When “all is one” and “one is all” is the cultural norm.

29. When you consider taking out disability insurance after your first bus ride.

30. When churches outnumber bars.

–Taken from the book An ESL Teacher’s Handbook for South Korea by Paul R. Friesen


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