PREVIOUS blog dated 29 October 2009

Swine Flu or H1N1 has finally hit my school. Three kids are out with the illness. By the end of the day today we will find out whether or not the school will be closed to the public until our kids are “healthier.”

With that said two or the school employees are running around with face masks on. One person I can understand as she is pregnant. The other is the Vice Principal, a nice lady but very germaphobic. As far as I can tell, the masks don’t do much to protect you as the disease is airborne. Unless you have a respirator attached to the mask it does little to protect you. However, if you are sick it is a very good thing to do for those around you.

I have mixed emotions as to Swine Flu, on one hand I want to catch it for a few days off and to build an immunity to the disease and on the other hand I have a package coming in the mail from the United States that has Christmas gifts for my co-workers and the new X-Box 360 game Forza 3 which if the school closes I will not be able to get until the school reopens in a week or two. You can see the dilemma that I am having.


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