Paper Masks: The answer to Swine Flu

PREVIOUS Blog dated 30 November 2009

Our principal came into the teachers room here not too long ago to let us know our Vice Principal has come down with Swine Flu. This means that everyone must start wearing the paper masks. Now I am not an actor or doctor, but even I know that a paper mask can not protect you from an airborne virus.  Nonetheless, we all got one. Even me. I wore it briefly before I gave up and had to get a drink of water. Which then put an end to wearing said mask.  I did manage to snap a picture of my ugly mug wearing the thing. Of course if we really have to wear the silly thing then maybe I won’t have to shave for a few days. Might be worth the trade-off.

You decide –  Swine Flu epidemic or my face mask for my aquamarine ninja outfit.

Your Truly

Personally, I am not worried about Swine Flu. I am healthy so why worry worst it can do is keep me down for a few days then I am immune. Not a bad thing in the long run. We have had Swine Flu before in the 1930’s and then a brief scare in the 1970’s. We are still here.


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