New School Term/Urinating in Public

PREVIOUS post 27 August 2009

The other day we started a new school term which means that the school has nearly doubled, this would seem like a problem but since I didn’t bother to learn but a handful of names to begin with it really isn’t.  However, I can’t figure out if I have done something wrong as my co-teacher now wants to teach on her own and wants us to teach separate classes, she would teach one I would teach another and I would focus on pronunciation and she would concentrate on grammar. I feel a tad alienated. It is a mixed feeling because she wants to take me to dinner tomorrow. I guess I need to chalk it up to being an outsider and to stop being so damn paranoid.  One last thing, Eunji told me that she asked the class what they would like to see and they informed her that I am too American and they like the way people speak in Konglish. Fuck me! really? So, they prefer page-e to page? Not really sure how to take that so I took it the Korean way smiled and fumed inside. Why am I here if you want to speak Konglish?

Lately, I have seen a lot of grown men pissing in public. It’s not just at night when they have had a bit too much soju but, during the day with their backs turned to a middle school (yes, my middle school) with people walking by them: women, children, priests, monks, buses. It makes no difference to them. When I asked my Korean friend about it he simply shrugged. This phenomenon started when I got off the bus to see a mother letting her 3-year-old son urinate into a bush off the main road. It was then proceeded by a guy pissing in a parking garage not even bothering to hide what he was doing and doing it facing the doorway that leads into the building. Our winner is the guy mentioned above, while waiting for the bus from work this brainiac unbuckled his pants and proceeds to urinate with his back to the school in broad daylight. I had to look on more than one occasion (he was far away so no “checking of package” jokes) to see if my eyes were deceiving me. No a woman walked right on by and simply avoided the stream by a quick course correction and then resumed her walk.  Shiny suit aside what the hell?

I realise I am a visitor to this country but, I am pretty sure that is unacceptable in nearly every Asian country (N Korea is the exception as they filter urine into drinking water). China has found a way to fix it (for males anyway), Korea won’t buy trash cans so, I don’t imagine they will buy this lovely device but it would be a step in the right direction:


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