Korean Happenings

PREVIOUS post 21 August 2009

I’ve been in Korea for 4 months now, I get some of what is going on and I have been lucky enough to have been here during some historical times. but, who would have guessed that I would be here for two former presidents dying? One was a suicide and the other was a death of natural causes. Either way, Sunday Kim Dae-Jung will be given a state funeral, he was 85.

In other news the Wonder Girls have landed in the United States. Another K-pop group trying their luck in the states. My friend Kim is constantly singing their songs and their praises and don’t get me wrong their songs are catchy. I like them for a short time until I am walking by the 4ooth cell phone store in a 1 block radius that is blaring their music. It’s hard not to like them, they are all very attractive, stylish and dare I say it perky. I wish them luck. They are touring with the Jonas Brothers so they should get plenty of people to come out and see their show. The problem I forsee with K-pop bands in the states is after hearing the song half a dozen times you feel like your ears are bleeding, but I guess that is because over here we have a major issue with over kill. I am constantly being bombarded with the same K-pop songs. I need variety man.


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