Bars in Korea

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Bars in Korea

First off aside from the language barrier there isn’t much different between bars in the states and bars in Korea. Unless you account for all the really good-looking Korea women then there is a huge difference. Beers come in CC’s so ordering in not a pint or a quart and they have no idea how to do a pitcher instead they use growlers or oversized pitchers.

I did go to the garten beir last night and the tables have alcoves for your class to keep them cold as the alcove is refrigerated, that is just plain awesome. The problem I have with bars is that one white guys tend to get in fights like they did last night two douche bags fought another douche bag over god knows what. White people in Korea are an oddity to begin with we are stared, pointed, and giggled at just walking the street, there is no need to fight and draw even more attention to ourselves.

the worst thing about Korean bars is this:


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