18 November 2009

From my old site dated 18 November 2009


Last week my co-teacher came by my apartment so that we could work on our PowerPoint presentation. She came up to my apartment, looked around and helped me understand a few of my electronic gadgets that were in my flat and then noticed that my windows had a huge draft and that I could use drapes or curtains. We then left for a coffee shop with my computer and proceeded to work on our presentation.

Eunji, my co-teacher, let the administration know of my predicament last night. Our principal wanted immediate action, the guy is a real stand up individual and I can’t complain about our principal. However, I would like to complain about our vice-principal. This morning she asked Eunji how she knew that I required curtains in my place. Eunji replied that she went up to my apartment. All morning our vice-principal has been harassing Eunji about going to my place alone. I realise that in Korean society a young single woman going to a man’s place is frowned upon. But, it is a bit extreme when she calls Eunji easy!

There are many things that come to mind when I think of my co-teacher Eunji –  cute, intelligent, dedicated, honest, trustworthy, and if I can put it out there marriage worthy (although we are not an item or have any plans to go that route). But, never in my wildest imagine would I ever think easy. She is very conservative in her relationships, I know this because she talks to me (again she is honest).

When Eunji told me this today, I didn’t want to get involved as it was a Korean thing. I don’t get involved in Korean issues. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped thinking about it and then it dawned on me, The vice-principal isn’t just insulting Eunji but myself as well. I know that Koreans can be close-minded and a bit stereotypical (ever culture can and is) but, Eunji isn’t the only one who our vice-principal knows. I have worked here at my school for just over six months and as far as I know have not caused any issues or problems. So why would she assume that the minute Eunji comes up to my abode that I would sexually assault her? That just pisses me off to no end. Don’t get me wrong Eunji is a very desirable woman but, I would never do anything remotely degrading as the vice-principal suggests. Eunji and I have a really good working relationship and I wouldn’t want anything to come between us. It is very insulting that she would think that I would do anything with Eunji and that Eunji would put herself in that situation.

One could argue that the vice is simply stating older values, but being that she knows both of us. I have to argue that that is not the case and that she is simply a fucking witch that needs to get on her broom and fly into the nearest high rise. I put up with a lot of crap living in Korea – the obvious way they get up and move away from me when space becomes available or how they refuse to sit next to me on a bus but would rather prefer to stand. I can put up with all of this and more, it just slides off of my back. But I am fucking mad as hell that she would say the nasty things she said about Eunji, she doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment especially when everyone in the teacher’s office can hear her insane tirades. Eunji works harder than anyone in our office and some ugly-looking woman has the balls (yes, there is a good chance she has testicles) to say those things about my co-teacher. I say bullshit! She needs to get off her power trip and see what her “underlings” are doing and see that they make her look good and I can tell you, you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig (see picture below).


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